About Us

What do we do?

Our social network allows individuals who are grieving to speak openly about their loss. We intend to provide an opportunity for individuals to create a social support system through our community. We plan to further our services once our non profit 501 (c) 3 status is accepted.

Who can become a member of the Friends Through Grief community? 

Anyone who is above 18 years of age and grieving a loss can become a member of our community.

How can I connect with others who are experiencing a similar loss through your social network?

Our groups include: loss of a significant other, loss of a parent, loss of child, loss of a sibling, loss of a family member, loss of a friend, loss of a grandparent, and loss of a pet. Once you create an account, you are able to add yourself to the group that fits your loss. These groups will allow you to post on the group page, post on the group forum, read the group forums, and connect with others who have experienced a similar loss.

What can I do on the social network?

Our social network allows you to post on your profile, upload photos, add yourself to groups, post on forums, read forums, add friends, directly message other members, favorite posts, comment on posts, see recent activity, and connect with others who are grieving.

Are you a non profit organization?

Friends Through Grief’s non profit 501(c)3 application is pending.

Where do my donations go?

Your donation will be used for: furthering our mission, funding the website, website production, start-up costs, spreading awareness, fundraising, Friends Through Grief community meet-ups/ activities, etc. Our 501 (c) 3 application is pending. That being said, donations are not currently eligible for tax deduction.

How can I contact you?

You can reach us by emailing info@friendsthroughgrief.com


Sydnee Mata, President & CEO

The idea of Friends Through Grief Foundation came from my deep feelings of grief. The love of my life, Kyle, passed away February 6, 2017. Through my grieving process, I found that connecting with others who have experienced this same loss is what eased my pain the most. I wanted so badly to hear other people’s stories about loosing their significant other; I wanted to know how they survived this grief. The process in finding these individuals was much too difficult. Then the idea of Friends Through Grief Foundation struck me. If I was having trouble in creating a social support system near me, others must be too. We have big plans for Friends Through Grief Foundation. We hope to help those who are grieving the loss of their significant other. Join and let’s heal together!

Rolando Mata, Vice President

I am Rolando Mata, proud parent of Sydnee Mata. Having dealt with grief myself, I understand the heartache and deep pain associated with the loss of a loved one. Watching one of your own children dealing with the devastating loss of their significant other and the impact it has on their young life and future plans has been a sadness so profound that as a parent one can only wish we could personally take on their grief to relieve them from the burden; unfortunately, we cannot. It was amazing to watch the passion in Sydnee’s soul about Friends Through Grief Foundation. With my background in business, I plan to support this cause the best I can.

Komel Chaudhry, Treasurer

My name is Komel Chaudhry and I have known Sydnee for almost all of my life. Witnessing the pain she endured when she lost Kyle has been difficult for me, but I have seen strength grow in her as time has passed. Knowing others are enduring this same pain has driven my desire help create a platform for other to communicate and build a support system at the click of a button. We all need a bit of understanding and comfort to guide us through this journey we call life, especially through something as difficult as grief.

Sarah DeMerle, Secretary

My name is Sarah DeMerle. I lost the love of my life, Willie, on October 10th, 2016.  This pain is so deep and unbearable. One of the only ways to get through it, for me, was to find a community to support me.  I feel as if it is part of my mission to help others going through this same deep darkness.  Being a part of this incredible idea and cause has been an honor.  While it makes me deeply sad that there are more people going through this pain, I will put my all into helping anyone that I can. It is a goal of ours to help everyone “heal together”.  I look forward to watching Friends Through Grief Foundation grow!